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Best Salon for Men’s Waxing in Dubai

We have been blessed with the intention of providing the finest men’s salon services across Dubai. Our beauticians are reliable as they go through a rigorous reference check before hiring. With the most advanced equipment, the finest ingredients and products, combined with skilled professionals, you’ll see how the salon-quality offered at Relaxxa by professional waxers exceeds the quality of services offered.

Here we is our list of waxing services:

  • Brow Taming: Keep those brows in check with a quick shape-up or go for a bolder, defined look.
  • Facial Freshness: Say goodbye to unwanted fuzz on your upper lip, chin, cheeks, and sideburns with a full face wax.
  • Underarm Confidence: Stay cool and sweat-free with a clean underarm wax.
  • Chest & Abs Freedom: Ditch the chest and abdomen hair and embrace a smooth, streamlined look.
  • Back Bliss: Banish back hair for good with our efficient back waxing service.
  • Legs: Get those gams silky smooth with a full leg wax, or target specific areas like knees and ankles.

Bonus for the Bearded Bros:

  • Beard & Mustache Shaping: Elevate your facial hair game with a precise trim that defines your features.
  • Nose & Ear Discreetness: We’ll handle those pesky nose and ear hairs efficiently so you can look and feel your best.
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Plans & Pricings

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  • BACKAED 55